We provide comprehensive products to help your organization improve quality and manage costs by working with our clients. With trusted regulatory experience and insights – you can be sure that any product manufactured or sourced by us will meet the demand for value-driven solutions tailored just right!

Professional Products

Elevate Surgical Efficiency with Our Premier Sterile Solutions

Unveiling a New Epoch of Sterile Operational Excellence

At Physicians Choice, we transcend the ordinary to bring you surgical solutions that epitomize quality, innovation, and cost-efficiency. With a rich legacy of regulatory expertise, we navigate the stringent healthcare landscape to deliver products that don’t just meet but exceed the industry benchmarks. Our unwavering commitment is to empower your organization with impeccable products, ensuring an amalgam of value and tailored perfection. Venture into a realm where every product is a testament to our pursuit of operational excellence, designed meticulously to complement your surgical suite.

Discover our spotlight products that embody ergonomic innovation, safety, and sterile efficacy:


Disposable Light Handle

The Newly designed disposable light handle is lightweight and easy to use. It features an ergonomic design that provides you with sure-fit technology and peace of mind while creating a sterile environment for your next surgery or procedure! 

The device fits the following TRUMPF® ALC Surgical Light Models: TruLight® 5000 and iLED® 3/5

Close-up view of a sleek disposable camera cover positioned next to surgical equipment.


Disposable Camera Covers

Introducing Our State-of-the-Art Disposable Camera Cover

Perfect Harmony Between Design and Sterility

Navigate through surgical procedures with an added layer of protection and efficiency. Discover the pinnacle of ergonomic innovation with our newest disposable camera cover, designed meticulously for the modern surgical suite.

Lightweight & User-Friendly:
Shed off the weight, not the quality. Our camera cover ensures a light touch, paired with robust protection. With its ergonomic design, feel the sure-fit technology ensures a snug fit and instills a sense of security during critical procedures.