Disposable Light Handle

Physician Choice disposable light handles are a great way to keep your surgery suite clean and organized. These light handles are designed for use with TRUMPF® TruLight® 5000 and iLED® 3/5 surgical lights*, and they come sealed in a sterile individual pouch and packed in a case of 18. Keep your surgery suite running smoothly with Physician Choice disposable. light handles.

*TRUMPF® TruLight® 5000 and iLED® 3/5 are Registred Trademarks of Trumpf GmbH + Co. ., Hillrom, Steris respectively 

Sterile Interface

The device helps create a sterile alliance between the non-sterile surgical lamp and nurses, ensuring that they remain clean during surgeries.

Snap-on Feature

Snap-on features allow for easy installation and removal with the click of a thumb.

Quick Turn

The intuitive light handle device allows for quick O.R turnaround times, making it easier than ever before to get your surgeries prepped promptly!